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49ers Lazy Sunday: Madden '12, Twitter, Etc...

It's a pretty quiet day today in the world of sports. We've got baseball on its first Sunday of the year and a mix of NBA and NHL contests. However, the NCAA tournament is in the off-day before the championship game tomorrow night and the NFL is in a pretty weak holding pattern. We've got the NFL Draft coming up in under four weeks, but I can only talk about the Draft so much.

Earlier today I posted some video from the 49ers 1989 NFC title game victory over the then Los Angeles Rams. I thought I'd move into some more random topics at lunchtime today. First off, Mike Sando posted a link to this article discussing how Madden '12 is going to emphasize concussions a bit more. Whereas previously a concussed player could return in a subsequent quarter of the game, the new version of Madden will not allow a concussed player to return to the game in which he suffers the concussion.

In other Madden News, as of earlier last week, Patrick Willis was dominating Hines Ward in second round voting. It remains to be seen if the voting will hold up. And if it does hold up, Willis would face one of the toughest quarterfinal matchups in MIchael Vick. Given some concerns about the "Madden curse" I'd say things could be a lot worse at this point.

I also wanted to use this post to briefly discuss Twitter. Last year, Tre9er gave an in-depth, detailed explanation of why Twitter is worth checking out, and how best to utilize it. A couple of days ago somebody was asking about and some issues they were having (it seems to be back up). Somebody else mentioned a list we had at Niners Nation's twitter account and that other person hadn't known about that. So I thought I'd run down some of the lists I've set up.

Here's a rundown of the various lists I've set up. I need to do some updating because I know I'm missing some pertinent folks in the media. For now though, here are some of the lists. If you go to them and click on "Following" you can see a rundown of who is in them:

Niners Players

Niners Media

NFL Media

Random 49ers Twitter

NFL Labor News

NFL Draft

Feel free to mention any twitter feeds not included in these lists.