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2011 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Day Two Winners And Losers

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Fooch posted a nice recap of the winners and losers of the first round of the 2011 NFL draft, which you can check out here. This morning I am going to take a look at the winners and losers from day two of the draft. Some teams just seemed to fumble their picks away in a stunning manner, while other teams (New England), took full advantage of day two. Yesterday wasn't anywhere near as surprising as day one, however, there were a lot of eye opening picks and trades.

Our San Francisco 49ers had another solid day and did it in an unconventional way. I am not sure if they would be classified as winners, but their draft has been extremely solid as of yet.

Winners (enter your Charlie Sheen pun here)

New England Patriots

2. CB Ras-I Dawling Virginia

2. RB Shane Vereen California

3. RB Steven Ridley Louisiana State

3. QB Ryan Mallett Arkansas

Some teams just don't change, and New England continues to be one of these teams. Year after year they find a way to compile multiple early round picks. The Patriots were able to acquire a 1st and 2nd round selection in 2012, while still getting playmakers where they needed them. Ras-I Dawlking probably wouldn't have been my first pick on the 2nd round, that honor would have gone to Aaron Williams; however, who am I to question their logic? Devin McCourty is a perfect example of this from last year's draft.

Following the pick of the Virginia corner, New England drafted a player that I think is going to be an all-pro performer in the NFL, Shane Vereen. He really does have what it takes to become a superstar in the league. Steven Ridley was a nice change of pace back, and should contribute immediately for the Patriots. Following that selection they took probably the most talented QB in the NFL draft in the enigma that is Ryan Mallett. I am not sure that he is going to pan out, but he couldn't ask for more than to sit behind Tom Brady for the next couple of seasons.

Additionally, the New England Patriots worked out another amazing trade, this time with the clueless Oakland Raiders. New England sent their 3rd round, 92nd overall (OT- Joseph Barksdale) to the Oakland Raiders for their 2nd round selection in 2011 and a 7th round pick this draft.

Cincinnati Bengals

2. QB Andy Dalton Texas Christian

3. LB Dontay Moch Nevada

The Bengals got value and need with both of their day two picks. Andy Dalton at the start of the 2nd round is great value. I really thought some team was going to have to trade up to the end of the first no nab him. Instead, the Bengals were able to sit back and acquire the ultra-intelligent Dalton.

As much as Cincinnati's pick of A.J. Green in the 1st round may have been an attempt to appease Carson Palmer they needed to look to the future, and Dalton is the man that could take the helm sooner rather than later.

Dontay Moch has been an interesting prospect all off-season long and I have been a major proponent of his. From the game film that I have watched Moch has an amazing upside. Moch may be extremely raw as I write this, but his upside is just crazy. In the Bengals 4-3 defense he may be asked to be a purse speed rusher off of the end, but I could easily see him making a solid transition to the OLB spot in either the 4-3 or the 3-4.

The Bengals sat back, didn't make any hasty trades and it paid off.

Detoit Lions

2. WR Titus Young Boise State

2. RB Mikell Leshoure Illinois

The pick of Nick Fairley aside this has been another great draft for the Detroit Lions. After addressing defense on day one, the Lions were able to get more "toys" for their offense.

I had Titus Young ranked as the 3rd best WR in the draft behind Green and Jones, Detroit was able to get him in the 2nd round; and absolute steal. Young should come in and be a great complement to Calvin Johnson in the passing game and an immediate upgrade from Nate Burleson.

Detroit did trade away 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th round selections in order to move back up into the 2nd round, but they were able to get a real nice player in Leshoure. Jahvid Best and Mikell Leshoure should make a great backfield tandem for the next five seasons or so. It also must be noted that the Lions received Seattle's 5th and 7th round picks in that deal.


Indianapolis Colts

2. OT Benjamin Ijalana Villanova

3. DT Drake Nevis Louisiana State

The Indianapolis Colts traded up four spots in the 2nd round with the Washington Redskins and surrendered a 5th rounder in order to get the Villanova lineman. Considering that I had Ijalana going in the late 1st round, this was a great decision for Indianapolis. The Colts needed to get some more protection for Peyton Manning and Anthony Castanzo (1st round) along with Ijalana really helps that.

Drake Nevis is going to be an extremely solid linemen in the NFL; I really like the way he plays football. He gives the Colts another stout body up front to rotate into the game on a regular basis. The Colts and Patriots are perfect examples of how to build through the draft.


Arizona Cardinals

2. RB Ryan Williams Virginia Tech

3. TE Rob Housler Florida Atlantic

The 49ers may have "screwed Arizona's pooch" by trading up for Kaepernick. I think it left them completely off-guard because Ryan Williams should not have been the pick near the top of the 2nd round. I had Shane Vereen, DeMarco Murray, Kendall Hunter and Daniel Thomas all ranked ahead of the Hokie RB.

Rob Housler? Really? Besides the fact that CBS Sports Line had him ranked as the 106th best prospect in the draft, I find it more intriguing because of who they passed up with this pick. Justin Houston and Ryan Mallett would have fit both the BPA and need category than Housler here.

I really don't care if the Cardinals are going to sign Marc Bulger in the off-season (when it starts), because they have absolutely no hope both short and long term at that position. It was an area that NEEDED to address in this draft and have failed in doing so.

Oakland Raiders

2. C Stefen Wisniewski Penn State

3. CB Damarcus Van Dyke Indiana

3. T Joseph Barksdale Louisiana State

Listen, I have absolutely nothing against their offensive line picks. I really do believe that both Wisniewski and Barksdale may end up being solid player in the NFL, but... and it is a big but! What is the point of giving up a future 2nd round pick to trade into the end of the 3rd round? As well all know 2nd rounders hold a lot more in terms of trade value than 3rd rounders do. Additionally, how many of us expect the Raiders to be picking in the last half of the 2nd round in 2012? Not me!

Oh, and the Raiders REACHED for Van Dyke with the 81st pick in the draft. CBS Sports Line had him as the 17th best corner in the draft. Oakland has a way of reaching for picks that leave the rest of the NFL in complete shock. They could have easily traded down a round or two and picked up the Hoosier corner there.

Dallas Cowboys

2. LB Bruce Carter North Carolina

3. RB DeMarco Murray Oklahoma

So, the Cowboys refused to address their largest need on day two, the secondary. Instead, they went with another OLB project in an attempt to team up with DeMarcus Ware. It really makes no sense to me as I am not a big fan of Carter's, especially in the first part of the 2nd round.

Then the Cowboys decided to draft another RB when they already have three solid ones on their roster. Say what? I understand that they are looking to move Marion Barber, but considering the CBA issue won't be able to. And, when they are, the value will only be picks for next year's draft. I like Murray as a complementary RB, but there was no reason to select him in the 3rd round.