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Golden Nuggets: Strong Draft Thus Far For 49ers

Good morning everyone ... you're getting the Golden Nuggets an hour earlier once again. Yesterday was a really fun day, when the New England Patriots weren't on the clock trying to trade out of one of their ten or fifteen second rounders. One thing that became immediately clear to me: Trent Baalke is not a very complacent fellow, in any way. Rather, he's very receptive to trades and I think that's a very good thing. Even if you don't like the pick, I liked his willingness to move up to get Anthony Davis last year, and the team's trade in the second to get Colin Kaepernick is another plus. They also made some more trades, and were maybe looking to trade in the first ... all-in-all, I like that strategy. I thought Tre9er was a little gung-ho with all the trading he did in various Twitter mocks, but I pretty much see the light now. Anyway, here's some linkage, chilllllldren.

If you missed it, the 49ers selected Colin Kapernick in round two and Chris Culliver in round three. I like the Kaepernick pick, and I'm still undecided on the Culliver pick. I really did not like it at the time, and nothing other than Culliver himself can convince me to really like it, but there is upside there. (

Jim Harbaugh says the plan for Alex Smith remains the same. I think the 49ers drafting Kaepernick could make Smith a little more hesitant to return next season, but I'm still thinking it's a greater than 50% chance that Smith is a 49er in 2011. (

Here's audio from the Colin Kaepernick conference call, and here's audio with the call they had with Chris Culliver. (

For a quick look, here's some measurables for Kaepernick and the other top quarterbacks in this draft class. ( 

When Aldon Smith got the 49ers headquarters, Jim Harbaugh immediately gave him a test. Literally, he had to take a quiz on football stuff. That's pretty great. (

There really are high hopes for Kaepernick ... we already had somebody register with the username: ColinKaepernickIsOurFuture. Oh, you guys. (

Hey guess what? The lockout is back on ... oh joy. I don't even know what to say at this point. (

Chris Culliver expects to be a cornerback with the 49ers, which is a good thing in my mind. Maybe he might be a better safety, but what we need is a cornerback, and I think our safeties will be better this year. (

Wide receiver Josh Morgan expects Alex Smith back in 2011, and also has a shiny new playbook. (

Former 49ers G Garland Gregory Passes (

49ers Trade Twice on Day 2 (

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