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NFL Draft 2011: Do 49ers Consider a Sixth Or Seventh Round Quarterback?


As we sit here midway through the fifth round, the 49ers still have a variety of needs they can address with their seven remaining picks. They could use a defensive lineman, another cornerback, and maybe a wide receiver, among other things. However, I'm curious if the 49ers look into drafting another quarterback before the end of the draft. The temporary reinstatement of the lockout means there will be no bull rush to sign undrafted free agents tonight. Instead, teams will have to sit and wait for this labor dispute to get figured out.

While it would be nice for the 49ers to have a bunch of higher round picks, there is some value to having seven picks in the sixth and seventh rounds. First, the team could move back into the fifth to grab a player they really like. The 49ers dealt their fifth in the move up to get Colin Kaepernick, but they picked up a sixth when they moved down in the third. It depends on who they like, but the 49ers do have some ammunition for a trade.

Second, having all these late picks means they can take some fliers on guys they might otherwise wait to get as undrafted free agents. This could be particularly true of the quarterback position. Although it's nice to add Kaepernick, the team might still want another guy to compete and potentially score a practice squad spot. I'd imagine the 49ers will be carrying three quarterbacks on their 53-man roster next season. Two will be Kaepernick and David Carr. The third will be Alex Smith or another veteran. I don't see them carrying four, and if they do draft another quarterback, I don't see him winning a job over Carr. I just think the team will want an experienced backup in case the starter goes down with an injury.

The selection of Ricky Stanzi leaves some interesting names on the board. Here are Mocking the Draft's next five QBs:

1. Greg McElroy, Alabama
2. Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech
3. Pat Devlin, Delaware
4. T.J. Yate, North Carolina
5. Ben Chappell, Indiana

Is any of these guys worth a seventh round pick if they're around? If so, do you have a preference?