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San Francisco 49ers Select WR Ronald Johnson In The Sixth Round Of The 2011 NFL Draft

The San Francisco 49ers have selected wide receiver Ronald Johnson with their first sixth round pick (182nd overall). The USC wide receiver is 5'11 200 lbs and received high marks from Scouts Inc for his Intangibles (because everybody can measure the immeasurable!). They describe him as a versatile player that was one of the hardest workers at the program. They indicated, "Has dealt with injuries and three different starting quarterbacks in three seasons. Brings added value as a returner on special teams."

I took a separate look at Draft Breakdown's scouting report and this was their summary:

Ronald Johnson makes plays. He is a tremendous athlete, yet raw enough in some areas to develop. His quickness and elusiveness are 2 of his many qualities, as he always found himself behind defenders and found open field. His offense relied on him for big plays and he always came through. As tough as he is speedy, he has no problem going over the middle and absorbing hits. The return game is where his value rises. As a punt returner he is dangerous; oftentimes being one block away from 6 points. He explodes through holes and easily finds open space. Upper body strength and route running are both areas of where he must improve, as he has all the makings of a solid NFL slot receiver.

I noticed BustaTheRippa mention another player as a solid slot receiver option (can't remember the name), so it looks like Johnson is another guy who might eventually be able to slide into that role. Of course, given the info about injury history and being raw, the pattern of picks has continued. actually took a few minutes to speak with Johnson at the Senior Bowl earlier this year, so check that out when you get a minute.