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Colin Jones Selected By San Francisco 49ers In Sixth Round Of 2011 NFL Draft

The 49ers added another member to their secondary as they drafted TCU safety Colin Jones in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. I'll be honest, it's hard to find a lot on Jones. Even Scouts Inc doesn't have a detailed scouting report on him. They've got him in their rankings, but no specific details.

The good news is there is at least a picture! I'm not sure I get the pick, although safety conceivably is a need for the team whether it be concerns about Dashon Goldson walking or something along those lines. Third round pick Chris Culliver is likely coming in as a cornerback, so I'm curious to see how Jones is utilized. It's entirely possible the 49ers front office thinks highly of him in a special teams role. Of course, at this point I really am just spit-balling here because I really know next to nothing about this guy and am finding no scouting reports.

Video of post-game interview. Enjoy.