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San Francisco 49ers Use Second 7th Round Pick To Select OT Mike Person In 2011 NFL Draft

The 49ers have now used their second 7th round pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, as they selected offensive tackle MIchael Person out of Montana State. I have to admit, I'm surprised they went with multiple offensive lineman because I thought there were other areas of significant concern. This now leaves the 49ers with one remaining pick to consider everything from defensive line to quarterback to kicker to another cornerback or pass rusher.

As expected there is not a lot about Michael Person in terms of scouting reports, but Scouts Inc did have a breakdown of his abilities, so that's a plus. As to his pass protection skills:

Can absorb and reset when defenders try to drive him back. Lacks lateral quickness to consistently beat NFL edge rushers to the corner. Can overset to the outside and not fluid enough to recover when defensive end shoots inside. Leans and can get knocked off balance Not aggressive enough and makes it too easy for defenders to get their hands up in passing windows. Inconsistent hand placement and liable to getting flagged for holding unless/until technique improves.

As to his run blocking skills:

Quick enough to get into sound position as a drive blocker. Plays with a wide base and can sustain but doesn't generate enough push. Plays too high and doesn't always drive legs once locked on. Not a great athlete but takes sound angles to second level blocks and flashes the ability to cover up linebackers at the second level. Struggled to get and keep helmet on play side of the defender as a zone blocker.

So I guess he competes with Alex Boone in that swing-man role? The team had Barry Sims in that role but he is an aging free agent. The team had Boone on the 53-man last season but he had little opportunity to show what he could do. I guess I'm just a little curious what the team is planning with this pick. I can't say I hate it or like it though because honestly, it's a seventh round pick and maybe they see some big upside in him. Who knows.

Fooch's Update: Apparently he may play guard.