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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mocking The Draft Seven Round Community Mock Draft

This past weekend, the community at Mocking The Draft took some time to conduct a live community mock draft that covered all seven rounds. The draft was conducted using the commenting system within FanPosts and I've posted links to each round after the jump. If I'm reading it right, manraj7 was handling the 49ers picks in the draft. You can read all the discussion and picks by click on the round-by-round links after the jump.

Before I get to the 49ers results of the mock draft, I wanted to let folks know we will still have a community mock draft. Things have been a bit busy for Drew and myself so it's been a bit delayed. We'll have something figured out so we can get one in before the NFL Draft at the end of the month. On to the 49ers picks:

1. Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU
2. Jabaal Sheard, DE, Pittsburgh
4. Owen Marecic, FB, Stanford
4. Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada
5. Richard Sherman, CB, Stanford
6. Kai Forbath, K, UCLA
6. Chase Beeler, C, Stanford
7. Martin Parker, DT, Richmond
7. Mario Harvey, LB, Marshall
7. Allen Bradford, RB, USC
7. Shaun Chapas, FB, Georgia

The Patrick Peterson was made possible because manraj7 traded up from the seventh spot to the Bengals fourth spot using a third round pick. I'd be happy with such a deal, but I just don't know if a third rounder is enough to make up the difference between the fourth and seventh pick. Do people think it's a realistic trade?

The biggest surprise to me revolves around Colin Kaepernick. First, is Colin Kaepernick actually going to last until the fourth round? Second, is the fact that this draft has the 49ers selectin Owen Marecic and then grabbing Kaepernick later. That seems a little odd, particularly given how Kaepernick has risen on Big Boards. I'll have a more specific post on Kaepernick tomorrow.

Beyond that, what do people think of this mock? I'm not sure if I'm missing any trades, so feel free to add any information I might be missing about how all this went down. It was a bit difficult to figure out exactly what trades went down beyond that first round deal with the Bengals.

Round 1 Results

Round 2 Results

Round 3 Results

Round 4 Results

Round 5 Results

Round 6 Results

Round 7 Results