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Madden '12 Cover: Patrick Willis Blows Out Hines Ward, Meets Michael Vick In Quarterfinals

The competition to become the cover athlete of Madden '12 is heating up as we enter the quarterfinals. Our own Patrick Willis took the higher seeded Hines Ward behind the woodshed and defeated him 60% to 40% in the Sweet 16. We're down to the quarterfinals and your matchups are as follows:

#1 Aaron Rodgers vs. #4 Danny Woodhead

#6 Jamal Charles vs. #10 Peyton Hillis

#4 Drew Brees vs. #9 Adrian Peterson

#3 Michael Vick vs. #7 Patrick Willis

Heading into this contest I expressed some concern about the alleged Madden cover curse. I'm still a little concerned about the idea of a curse, but I also think that if anybody can overcome such a curse, it's the man behind Patrick Willis facts! So I say go in and vote for Patrick Willis in his quarterfinals matchup with Michael Vick. You can only vote once, so get your friends out voting for Bamm Bamm. Vick is a very divisive player so it's possible the anti-Vick crowd will vote up Willis just to prevent Vick from advancing. Whatever the case, I think it would be a fitting honor for Willis to grace the cover of Madden.