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Golden Nuggets: Vote Willis In The Madden NFL 12 Cover Vote, Because Ninjames Said So

Apologies for the brief iterations of the Nuggets lately, I've just always been so beat by the time I got to them. That's not any different tonight, I'm done for, but I feel bad, so I'll put a little more heart into them today. I'd also like to note that I'm going to be posting, over the next week or two, my personal positional rankings of 2011 NFL Draft prospects, and that includes the quarterback position that I'm notoriously good at feeling out. I'll also be posting an overall big board. At the time of writing this, SB Nation Bay Area's 2011 NFL Mock Draft has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers waiting to make their pick, which will go up at 6:00 a.m. pacific. I think it's going so well thus far, and we're going to take it into the second and third rounds. Glad to see the majority of people liked the Marcell Dareus pick. Anyway, I'm not sure if there's any links today, we'll find out together. Let's (potentially) get to them. Enjoy.

Jim Harbaugh was in Iowa to get a look at their Pro Day, especially quarterback Ricky Stanzi. To me, he'd be a good pick if he made it into the fourth round, maybe even the third round depending on who else is available at that point. He's a solid developmental guy who can be coached up to be exactly the kind of quarterback that Harbaugh and Greg Roman desire. (

Eric Davis is taking over as the color analyst for the 49ers in the booth, which I suppose is a good thing. I liked Gary Plummer enough, and I'm wondering why he's not mentioned at all in the press release, but things are left in capable hands with Davis, though I can see why he might rub people the wrong way. (

This is a pretty good look at teams and their recent draft history over the past five years. I disagree with a lot of the "best/worst" picks that Maiocco has assigned to teams, but it's still solid work, and at the very least, a good read. (

It's almost a certainty that the 49ers will be looking for a change-of-pace running back at some point this offseason. Anthony Dixon does differ slightly from Frank Gore, but the 49ers (at least last year's iteration) envision them to be ultimately similar backs once they get Dixon where they want him to be. I really like Shane Vereen in the third or fourth round, but I would also be interested in attaining the services of somebody in free agency, to get away from too much youth. (

Patrick Willis has advanced in EA's Madden NFL 12 cover vote, beating Hines Ward handily - as he should have. I am wary of the curse, but he's up against Michael Vick next, and I think you guys should vote ... vote a lot. Make sure that Willis beats Vick. Beyond that, I don't care, just beat Vick. (

I sense a lot of bitterness in this post from Sando, regarding Gary Plummer and Eric Davis. It's not that he has a problem with Davis, but the post really implies that getting rid of Plumer was the wrong choice. (

Are you guys sick of endless quarterback analysis and speculation? Of course you're not, because our only quarterback is David Carr, so don't even think about complaining when I link this piece, looking at some possibilities. (

Draft Spotlight: Jake Locker (

Path to the Draft: Pac-10 Week (

I'd also like to point out, in case you missed it, that SB Nation has a new blog for the San Jose Earthquakes, which is awesome. You can find it here. (

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