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Golden Nuggets: Did You Vote Willis Yet?

Gooood morning everybody, Ninjames here with your Nuggets. We don't have as many links today as we did yesterday, so I urge you to head over and check those out, seeing as how we didn't get much discussion anyway, so click that link after the jump and read up on what you clearly missed, since you didn't comment! That being said, I can't spend as much time on the Nuggets tonight, as I'm working on putting a post together for later on today for you ungrateful lot! Also, I sort of got sidetracked by watching American Pickers, so now I've only got around thirty minutes to finish the Nuggets, and I just started another episode for some reason. "Whoops." Anyway, let's get to your linkage, enjoy folks.

Colin Kaepernick is saying that teams aren't trying to get him to change his delivery. Personally, I don't believe him, but then again, his delivery isn't terrible to begin with. But I guarantee that teams are paying attention and asking questions. (

Here's a more expansive look on some quarterbacks that the 49ers may be interested in, based on some rather loose connections that may or may not actually exist. (

Sam Lam is of the opinion that Eric Davis is a good choice to become the new voice of the 49ers. I personally agree, in that Davis is the best option as a replacement, though I don't think I'd have gotten rid of Plummer. (

We've got some stuff happening, or rather, about to happen on the lockout front. Unfortunately, I'm not current on such matters and I don't have time to read this piece, but it looks informative. (

It's absolutely ... let's call it "dumb" that the 49ers got less compensation for Shaun Hill than they did for Kentwan Balmer. Harsh. (

Draft Spotlight: Cameron Jordan (

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