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Golden Nuggets: Wherein I Go Insane Because The Draft Is Not Here Yet

Let me ask you a question, my readers. Why is the 2011 NFL Draft not here yet? I'm considering going to sleep for twenty-one days, can one of you call me and wake me up on the day of? I'm going insane here, I know who I want, I know who the 49ers are probably wanting, and I really need to see how it goes. More so than any year prior, which I guess is because of the lack of free agency. There is talk about whether or not it could happen before the draft, but let me just say that I sincerely doubt it. I don't think it will come to fruition, and teams will be drafting with no idea how it will go when free agency eventually happens. To me, for the 49ers, that means that they need to pursue an outside linebacker high as far as their free agents go, because I think Lawson is the guy who has the biggest chance of not returning. Let's get your linkage on, enjoy, chiiiiildren!

Quarterback Josh Johnson speaks about the rumors of the 49ers potentially being interested in him going into next season. Rather, he speaks about not speaking about it ... it's no secret that I'm a fan of his, and have been for a few years. (

Kiper had some words (which I will personally not be reading) about Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller. (

Here's a look at what Eric Davis will bring to the broadcast booth. Like I said before, I like Davis enough, I think he'll do a good job there. I'm just not terribly excited about the loss of Plummer. (

Santa Clara is hoping that tech companies will shell out the big bucks for naming rights to the new stadium. I would love to have the team play at Google Stadium, personally. (

Draft Spotlight: Jeff Maehl (

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Being a Sheep

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