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49ers Top 10 NFL Draft Busts: No. 7 - Kwame Harris, Offensive Tackle

Before I put together this top ten list of 49ers NFL Draft busts, I came up with a short list and then worked to move guys around into proper spots on the rankings. In determining who to slot where I factored in both how poorly they performed, but also expectations for them coming in. Some guys either had no real expectations one way or the other, or were just not expected to be very good from the get-go. No. 9 bust Reggie McGrew had question marks from the get-go and it's not exactly shocking that he didn't work out. No. 8 bust Dexter Carter and No. 10 bust Dana Hall were not quite guaranteed busts but rather didn't work out for some reason or another.

Then there's the man who inspired a 2009 post entitled, Simply Kwame. The 49ers drafted offensive tackle Kwame Harris with the 26th pick of the first round in the 1993 2003 NFL Draft. In the course of his five seasons with the 49ers, Harris actually was a decent enough run blocker. He wasn't spectacular but he wasn't awful. Unfortunately, his pass blocking was fairly hideous. The Simply Kwame link above used to have an embedded video that featured a host of Kwame highlights set to some classic songs. I can't remember the names of the songs, so if anybody can recall, post some YouTube of the songs. All I remember is they were absolutely perfect.

SI had the following quick take on the Kwame pick:

The Niners' offense is all about timing, and keeping speed rushers away is a key part of it. So the Niners grab Harris, a tall and talented guy who could plug in right away. The Niners are thin there, anyway, so this is a solid pick that ensures that injuries won't devastate what is still one of the league's best offenses.

There were a few concerns about Kwame, but this wasn't a Reggie McGrew type of pick where he was just expected to be a bust. Well, maybe for some of you he was going to bust from day one. I wasn't sold on him as being the next great thing, but I figured he would be better than he ended up being.

For those wondering what happened to Kwame, he actually signed with the UFL's Florida Tuskers but was cut and apparently has since retired. I really don't know what else there is to say about Kwame that hasn't already been said. Although he was not the worst draft pick in 49ers history, he is one of the more easily maligned over the years. He's Simply Kwame.

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