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Caption This! BMX Edition

Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

If you've been keeping up with the Caption This! the last few weeks, you'll be familiar with my current "No CBA, No Football" policy. This policy will last pretty much either until a new CBA is signed or I stop finding non-football images that amuse me. Like this one, for instance.

To set the record straight, the guy in that photo is Garrett Reynolds, and the context is that he didn't land a jump properly and got splayed awkwardly across his bike. I provide these facts only because they may serve us all well as Captioneers this week.

Normally, I'd try to say something funny right here, but I really don't want to spoil any possible caption jokes. Just look at the photo. It speaks for itself.

So do what you do so well. Use the comments section to caption the crap out of this image, and rec' the crap out of the ones you think are funny. Last week's winner was not me. And I was bringing the good stuff, too. LondonNiner was the man with the votes, though. Who will it be this week?