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Golden Nuggets: Quick Links Today

Good morning folks. I'm almost set to post my next set of 2011 NFL Draft prospect rankings ... so you know, the next batch of rankings will be on the cornerback position, and I believe that I'll be posting tomorrow. I think my 3-4 outside linebacker rankings went well, either way. I'm in a big hurry tonight so I'm just going to post the links without any explanation or opinion, so I'm sure some of you will be happy. Let's get to it.

NFL Draft: Niners could gamble on slot. (

Who's the more magnificent 7, Peterson or Champ Bailey? (

Baylor nose tackle Taylor visits 49ers (

Want more Davis? Here you go! (

Another loss for San Francisco 49ers fans (

Mailbag: Questions arise from NFL draft study (

Mailbag: No Patrick Peterson or Von Miller ... then what? (

Oklahoma State RB Kendall Hunter to visit 49ers (

Draft Spotlight: Rahim Moore (

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