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NN 2011 49ers NFL Draft Community Big Board - Spots 6-10

We're off to a good start with our 49ers community big board. We've got less than three weeks until the 2011 NFL Draft and here are our top five players:

1. Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU (1892 points)
2. Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M (1269 points)
3. Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama (715 points)
4. Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska (634 points)
5. Robert Quinn, OLB, UNC (508 points)

This initial result was really not all that surprising. While not everybody is dead set on Patrick Peterson with the 49ers seventh pick, this result shows that most of the site does view him that way. Of the 418 total votes, 77% gave their first place vote to Peterson. Von Miller came in second overall and in first place votes, grabbing 39 first place votes.

After the jump, I've posted a few pointers on the vote and the poll for spots 6-10. The primary thing to keep in mind is that you're making your selections based on how you think the 49ers should order their own big board. You can go best player available, need, value, character concerns, or any combination of those. Again, please just vote once. But do vote, because the more people that vote, the more accurate the representation will be of the community as a whole.

First off, remember that you can use the scroll bar on the right side to see the last few names. They're in alphabetical order by last name.

I realize I've probably left out players you might like, but given that we're looking at spots 6-10, I think I've included most, if not all, of the important names. I've pulled from Scouts Inc rankings for now and can only pull 25 at a time. We'll be doing this poll every day so we'll be adding five new players every day. If you have specific players you think should be added for the next poll, please mention them in the comments.

In the end, how you vote is up to you, but just remember that this is a 49ers big board. Not a mock draft and not a big board that can be applied to every team. Use your own philosophy, but just pretend this would be going to the 49ers when we're done.