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2011 NFL Draft Results: Day Three Winners

It is going to be a little more difficult to cipher the winners from the losers on Sunday simply because a lot of unknown players were drafted late. For example, I will not even pretend to know much, if anything, about the San Francisco 49ers three 7th round picks. But hey, that is what Google is for right? Also YouTube. I was tempted to put the 49ers on the "losers" list just because of round 7, but you really cannot do that when it comes to picks in the 200s. 

That said, I pride myself on knowing a lot about NFL Draft prospects and work tirelessly to study as many players as possible. Day three of the draft got some teams real good players, while others continued to drop the ball. It has been noted, and I must be inclined to agree, that great teams are not just built through the 1st and 2nd rounds, but in the mid-late rounds as well.

You have to understand that there is a reason why New England and Indianapolis contend every year, and why Green Bay won the Super Bowl last season. The reason is simple: good teams draft well.


Washington Redskins

4 RB Roy Helu Jr. Nebraska

5  WR Niles Paul  Nebraska

6.  RB  Evan Royster  Penn State

6.  WR  Aldrick Robinson  Southern Methodist

7  CB  Brandyn Thompson  Boise State

7.  DE  Markus White                 Florida State

As you can tell by now these ranking really do not mean much to me, I just like to use them as a reference point. This was an extremely productive third day of the draft for Washington. They addressed two concerns, RB and WR, in big ways. Helu Jr brings that burst of speed to the Skin's offense while Royster is a solid between the tackles runner. I am not saying that Mikey is going to catch lightening in the bottle like hie did in Denver, but these two RBs have a lot of talent

I am a huge fan of Niles Paul and believe that he will eventually become a #1 receiver in the NFL, yes that is right a #1 receiver. He runs solid routs, has great hands and is extremely talented. Overall, this is a coup of a draft for the Redskins who started out with much of nothing in terms of picks. 


New York Giants

4. OT James Brewer Indiana

5. LB Greg Jones Michigan State

6.  S Tyler Sash Iowa

How does Greg Jones and Tyler Sash fall to the 5th and 6th round respecitvally? It makes absolutely no sense to me. I understand that Jones has had and will have injury concerns, but the dude is going to be a solid ILB in the NFL. In fact, if it wasn't for the injury concerns I saw him as a mid 1st round pick.

Tyler Sash, what an interesting prospect. I had him going in the 2nd round; goes to show you what I know. I am not a fan of Antrelle Rolle, so I can easily see Sash taking over for him in a 2-3 years; great value pick.

James Brewer just adds to the physicality that the Giants have continued to build on that line since the days of Bart Oates. This dude can maul with the best of him, I love this pick. 


Arizona Cardinals

4. DE/LB Sam Acho Texas

5. FB Anthony Sherman Connecticut

6. LB Quinn Sturdivant North Carolina

Ouch, right? But, we have to give credit where it is due. Arizona really did have two solid picks starting off day three. Sam Acho could have been a 2nd round pick, and they got him in the 4th at a need position. He has the ability to get on the QB and beat opposing tackles, consistency is the issue.

Once Marecic went off the board I had Sherman as the best FB, and Arizona swooped him up. He is a physical and strong lead blocker that should help to open holes for Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower


Green Bay Packers

4. CB Devon House New Mexico 

5. TE D.J. Williams Arkansas

6. DE Ricky Elmore Arizona

7. DT Lawrence Guy Arizona State

Really? I am seeing three day two picks here going anywhere from the 4th-7th rounds, it is just crazy; the champions just keep getting better.

I didn't like the value of House to the 49ers in the 2nd round (sorry Manraj), but Green Bay picking him up in the 4th is a steal; he is a project, but they have the ability to be patient. The talent is there and Charles Woodson is sure to bring that out in him.

Jermichael Finley and D.J. Williams could end up challenging the 49ers duo at TE. Williams is an absolutely beast and was Ryan Mallett's favorite target at Arkansas. I see him fitting perfect in McCarthy's scheme and with Aaron Rodgers at QB.

I had Lawrence Guy going in the 4th round, and the Packers picked him in the 7th. This pick represents both value and need. I am not sure whether or not he will play tackle or end for them, but he is a stout front four player. 


Minnesota Vikings

4. DT Christian Ballard  Iowa

5. CB Brandon Burton Utah

6. OT Demarcus Love Arkansas

6.  C Brandon Fusco Slippery Rock

Was Christian Ballard the 2nd best player on Iowa's defensive line last season? Yes. However, I see him having first round talent. He is a player that never stops, someone that goes 100 percent all the time. Sometimes that isn't enough, but the talent that he brings enables be to believe he will be a steal.

Brandon Burton has an amazing amount of ability, but hasn't been able to utilize is to full advantage, this is why he fell to the 5th round. I see him working with Antoine Winfield to learn the ins-and-outs of the NFL, which means he will be productive sooner rather than later. 

If you asked me to describe Demarcus Love with one word it would be "raw". I don't see much of a difference in terms of talent between him ant Tyron Smith, who went to Dallas with the 9th pick. What I will say is that Minnesota needs to slowly work him into the lineup. If they do that you are looking at amazing things. 


Denver Broncos

4.  S Quinton Carter Oklahoma

6. LB Mike Mohamed California

7. TE Virgil Green Nevada

7. DE Jeremy Beal Oklahoma

Value everywhere, where you see value; I see it. Quinton Carter should have been the first safety off the board, instead he goes in the 4th round. This pick doesn't just represent value, but need as well. The Broncos have so many holes to fill on offense it must have felt nice getting a player of Carter's caliber at a need position in the 4th round. 

Virgil Green in the 7th round? Is this another Rod Serling classic? Green have all the ability to be a dominating TE in the NFL; I wonder if some teams just forgot that he was available (joke intended). Not really understanding why he fell, but I am sure that the Broncos are happy with that. He give Tebow/Orton another safety valve on offense.


ANALYSIS: Some teams really did do well for themselves on the third day of the draft, there was a lot of talent available. What I will preach is against the idea that the most popular name doesn't mean the best pick. For example, Josh Thomas going to the Cowboys, from Buffalo, might have been a better pick than Rashad Carmichael to Houston. Get what I am stepping in?

I didn't even want to get into the "losers" of this day because ignorance isn't a virtue. This means that I cannot say that a 6th round pick that I never heard of, or haven't had the time to research is a bad pick. On the same note, just because a player is from USC doesn't mean that he is NFL caliber. 

This list that you see above represents my opinion on players that I saw play in college, watched at the combine and see on tape. These teams did great to put themselves in position to draft said player.