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Marc Bulger's Understanding Misunderstood, Ravens Not Pursuing Tampering Charges Against Cardinals

Reports are coming out that the Baltimore Ravens will not pursue tampering charges against the Arizona Cardinals in a situation involving backup quarterback Marc Bulger. We'd heard a lot this offseason about how the Cardinals are pursuing a veteran signal caller in lieu of a rookie, and when they failed to draft one at all, it became a certainty - unless they truly have their eyes set on John Skelton as the arm of the future. Protip: they don't ... or they shouldn't, at least.

Jamison Hensley of The Baltimore Sun reported the news earlier today, that they'd not pursue tampering charges due to the fact that it would be difficult, or impossible, to prove that the Cardinals had "an understanding" in place with Bulger. It had been previously reported that the Cardinals had such an understanding in place and that certainly raises red flags. Bulger is set to be an unrestricted free agent and would likely be on his way out either way, but it's still kind of a low move, if you believe it. I wouldn't be surprised if the Cardinals talked to him, but I also feel like, with the state of the lockout and all the garbage we have to put up with, you can't blame them too much.

It's not exactly like the 49ers giving Alex Smith a playbook, as this doesn't directly involve another team, but it does illustrate how confusing things are right now in the NFL. I don't think I'd feel very good about a new head coach and new offensive coordinator handing over a playbook to a quarterback who is not under contract in a normal offseason, but at this point it's like ... what are you gonna do?