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Golden Nuggets: Nnamdi Asomugha As A 49er ... Bliss

Morning folks, welcome to yet another on-time edition of the Golden Nuggets, how fun! As it turns out, I'm doing these at midnight instead of, you know, 1:45 a.m. or something like that. Today, we've got some cornerback articles, with bits about both Nate Clements and Phillip Adams. The more I think about it, the more I believe that the 49ers will pursue one of the bigger name free agent corners when we do actually get to free agency, if ever. Wouldn't it really be great if we were able to sign Nnamdi Asomugha? If the 49ers were able to do so, would that make them favorites to win the NFC West? Before the draft, they were co-favorites with the St. Louis Rams, with the Seattle Seahawks projected to finish third and the Arizona Cardinals struggling to crawl out of the basement. Sure would be nice ... but it's probably asking too much. Anyway folks, enjoy the links.

Nate Clements is most likely a happy camper, as noted in this post taking a look at players on the 49ers who you might consider "winners in the draft." As it stands though, I'm not sure I'd buy that Clements is gone if the 49ers were able to land Patrick Peterson. (

I'm not sure what kind of future he has on the team, but I'm very glad to hear that cornerback Phillip Adams is ahead of schedule in regards to his recovery. That was a pretty gruesome injury, to say the least. I think Chris Culliver automatically leap-frogs him on the depth chart, but he could stick around, as he's certainly more valuable than Tramaine Brock and will have a leg-up on Curtis Holcomb. (

The Kendall Hunter selection is becoming my favorite pick of this 2011 NFL Draft class, to be honest. Hunter just has so much upside, when you can get Pro Bowl potential in the fourth round, you know you did good. He'll see the field early and often in 2011, and here's a good bit of info on him. (

It's definitely true that Manny Lawson is an underrated player, but I'm pretty sure that some team will significantly overpay for him an a UFA scenario. I would like him to come back to San Francisco, but again, he's not the highest priority right now. If he gets stupid money, then good for him ... it shouldn't be from us. (

Well, the verdict remains to be seen regarding this draft class, but I am impressed with Trent Baalke and the way he handled himself. Giving up a fourth and a fifth to move up and draft Colin Kaepernick instead of a second and a third? Yes, please! (

Here's a post about who the 49ers "should" have picked, but I stopped reading it halfway though. I don't think the Jake Locker selection is that crazy, but suggesting Demarcus Van Dyke is hilarity, and I'm going to guess it's just because of the 4.28 time. If not for the Oakland Raiders, Van Dyke would have been a fifth or sixth rounder. Culliver isn't the sexiest pick out there, but picking Van Dyke is a mistake. (

Mailbag posts are generally a good read, and Maiocco had two of them yesterday, one focusing on defense, and another focusing on the offensive side of the ball. (

More on Jim Tomsula, on top of the piece from yesterday: the guy can just flat-out coach. I'm very glad that he has been retained on the staff, and as such, I'm glad the 49ers got a victory in week seventeen. (

Faithful Rosie Becomes Local Celebrity (

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