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49ers Draft Picks Select Jersey Numbers

While the 49ers draft picks won't be signing contracts anytime soon, that hasn't stopped them from picking jersey numbers. All the rookies except for Aldon Smith have figured out what number they're going to wear for the upcoming 2011 NFL season. Smith has elected to continue thinking about what number he'll wear next season. Here are the numbers for the remaining picks.

QB Colin Kaepernick - No. 7
CB Chris Culliver - No. 29
RB Kendall Hunter - No. 32
OL Daniel Kilgore - No. 67
WR Ronald Johnson - No. 88
S Colin Jones - No. 43
FB Bruce Miller - No. 49
OL Michael Person - No. 78
CB Curtis Holcomb - No. 41

Last year we had a brief series of posts on the 49ers by the numbers over the years. Smileyman had gotten through 23, so most of the above numbers haven't been hit up yet. For jersey number 7, the 49ers haven't exactly had an exalted history. Some of the more "successful" number sevens in 49ers history might be Ken Dorsey or Wade Richey.

I've got a rundown of jersey numbers throughout 49ers history and we'll take a look back at previous players at each number in the coming weeks.