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Golden Nuggets: Potential Free Agent Wide Receivers For 49ers?

Keeping in line with all of the free agent discussion I've been going with in the Golden Nuggets lately, I've spent a lot of time looking at guys I think the 49ers could be going after. After really looking at this free agent class, obviously there's a lot to like about the cornerbacks, especially the top guys like Asomugha and Joseph, but I personally am wondering whether or not it's a possibility that the 49ers pursue a free agent wide receiver. It's a pretty decent class of receivers, with a couple big names, and quite a few guys who have had at least one great season who could definitely pan out to being something special. I would love it if the 49ers went after Sidney Rice or Santonio Holmes, as far as pure receiving talent is concerned. I think Michael Crabtree will be good, I just don't have much hope for the rest of the guys. Anyway, on to the links, folks.

There was a bit of a front office shakeup in 49erland yesterday, as the team cut ties with Lal Heneghan, the team's executive something of something or other. Really, he was the executive vice president of football administration, though I think my explanation works better. (

Bruce Miller is a pick I actually like a lot, and I've already explained why I think he'll make a good, strong, run-blocking fullback. But that doesn't mean that he can't end up being a multi-faceted threat in the offense, he does have a little history on that side of the ball. (

I think Vernon Davis being the 88th-ranked player in the NFL is also very wrong, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see who is above him. I caution those who think he's the best tight end ever after such little time, but I also don't think I could come up with eighty-seven players who are better. (

Fooch had a post on this yesterday, but over at ESPN, they're taking a look at defining moments in 49ers history. Some are awesome, some ... some definitely are not awesome. Not awesome at all. (

Here's a look at the 49ers' fifth round pick, Daniel Kilgore. I think he's got a ton of developmental potential, but he is out of the fifth round, so who knows at this point? (

What's the market like for some of the 49ers free agents? As it stands, it's not that great, to be honest ... in that, teams don't necessarily have huge needs for these players, but there is lacking competition out there, so they could get bigger contracts. I mean, when Ron Edwards is the biggest threat to Aubrayo Franklin's payday, you know that Franklin has to feel good. (

The NFL, the lockout and implications for drug testing (

Twitter Talk: 49ers Childhood Memories (

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