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Golden Nuggets: Because Ninjames Said So

As the great Geto Boys once said, "Damn it feels good to be a gangster." That song personifies how I feel right now, following the San Jose Sharks' game seven victory over the Detroit Red Wings, sans any gun-toting hoodlums, a 1964 impala with considerably ample hydraulics, or presidential aspirations to pay back a potential mob connection. So exactly like that song, just minus those key points, you know? Of course you know what I'm getting at. But yeah, Fooch is out of town so I'm not going to talk about the 49ers today in the Nuggets. I mean, I will when I actually get to the links, but for now it's just the reference to an early nineties gangster rap song and these sentences explaining it, and also the following sentence telling you guys to enjoy the links. Enjoy the links, chillllldren!

Cornerback Nate Clements' future with the 49ers remains in question. A couple things ... for one, I think it would be a mistake to let Nate go, unless we get one of the big name free agents. Even then, I'd still like to keep him if the team has the cap room. For two, I think it's kind of odd that Trent Baalke says it's up to the player when said player is still under contract. The usual GM response is "Nate Clements is signed blah blah," so it appears they really will ask him to restructure, if they haven't already. (

Baalke hosted a film session with some of the beat writers yesterday, to show clips of the 2011 NFL Draft class and explain what they liked about the players and why he thinks they'll excel at the next level. This is a good recap from Eric Branch, here's parts one and two. (

Ronald Johnson is one of the more interesting picks for the 49ers, simply because he brings a different kind of dynamic to the offense, and thus has a better shot of making the roster than most players taken at that point in the draft. Here's more on him. (

Here's another recap of the film session stuff that went on yesterday, which covers a few things Branch has yet to (the later round picks). (

Maiocco is taking a more focused approach, with one post about each player, here's what he got from the bits about Aldon Smith, the team's first round draft pick. (

Jim Harbaugh was on Pro Football Talk Live. Not sure if this link is to the full video, but I'm going to have a post on it at six regardless. (

The 49ers players are getting together and practicing, but they do so at their own risk. There's also a video, and Alex Smith is ripped. (

Organized Media Activity: Baalke's Film Fest (

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Being a Sheep

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