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Madden NFL 12 Screenshot Features Vernon Davis Doing What He Does Best


Getting sucked into the Madden hype year in and year out is a dangerous thing. It seems like they half-fix issues here and there, only to announced that they're re-vamping something, which ends up falling short of expectations until the following year, when they make a small change and all is right. That was an oddly detailed sentence, but it does apply in many cases, like gang tackling and offensive line animations. The only things we can really take to heart are factual changed that cannot be embellished, and what we see on the screen.

Well, then I suppose it's a good thing that what we see on the screen right now is absolutely beautiful. It's understood that this is an official screen from gameplay, and as the good Padre notes, there's a ton to take in when it comes to this screenshot alone.

EA Sports has released another screenshot for Madden NFL 12 and this one struck me as especially impressive. A ton of screens are already out for the game but the latest, featuring Vernon Davis and the San Francisco 49ers against the San Diego Chargers, includes several of the already announced features for this year. The improved player models and faces, lighting enhancements, new to the series throwback uniforms and grass stains, 3D grass (with some being kicked up), and new tackling system are on display in this image.

I was struck the same way when I saw it, the attention to detail is great and of course, it features a 49ers player, so I might view it more favorably that way. It's just a great screenshot that you folks need to see. Pasta Padre also has a gallery of all the screenshots, so peruse that whenever you get a chance. From a graphical standpoint, I really like what I'm seeing ... at times, Madden can be unpleasant to the eyes. Graphics are most certainly not the most important thing, but from the time they started saying "If it's in the game, it's in the game," I've always been a little irked at the lack of presentation. There's also one screenshot with Sourdough Sam in, so that's awesome as well.

I'm going to roll out many posts regarding Madden as it gets closer to release, but if you want me to quickly talk about the feature I'm most looking forward to, it's the extended franchise mode. Extended rosters for training camp and preseason with cut days and a practice squad? Potentially upgraded draft and free agent biding system, with player ratings going up and down? Yes, please! That's all I need to really make this a day one buy, because I spend a ton of time in franchise mode.