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Video: Chad Ochocinco Rides Bull For 1.5 Seconds

In what I think will go down as a great coincidence, Chad Ochocinco hopped on the back of a bull for 1.5 seconds a day after I was on a mechanical bull in Missouri. I'm not sure which should be regarded as a more entertaining story. I'm in Springfield, Missouri for a good friend's graduation and we were out at a country bar Friday night following the graduation and dinner. I don't know if San Francisco has a mechanical bull so naturally I needed to try it out. At some point I'll try and get pictures or video posted, but suffice to say, it was an entertaining experience.

More importantly, I definitely lasted longer than Chad Ochocinco. After promising to ride a bull at some point (not really sure when he issued that promise), the Bengals wide receiver followed through and hopped on the back of a bull in a Professional Bullriders Circuit (PBR) event. Ochocinco lasted 1.5 seconds on top of Deja Blu and you can check out the footage below. I'd say the actual ride itself is anti-climactic, but it's still impressive (or incredibly stupid) that he got on the bull.

This was Ochocinco's second venture into an alternative career path. Back in March, he tried out with Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer. You've got to give the guy some credit for at least getting a little creative during the NFL Lockout.