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Golden Nuggets: Screw The NFL Lockout ... That Is All

Yesterday, I posted a fanpost regarding an upcoming tournament bracket I'm going to be running, the "Niners Nation NFL Tournament Of Badness." Click on over to that right here and submit what you think is just bad about the NFL in general, hopefully something that applies today's NFL. These can be funny or serious, but I will only take them if people happen to like 'em, so get over there and post. I will not be allowing the lockout into the tournament, because that one will likely win, outside of a surprise winner. Anyway, beyond that, we had some tangible NFL news yesterday, but it may not have been good, depending on where you stand on the matter. I'm just going to get to the links and be done with it. Enjoy, folks.

Must be a slow day, because now the other beat writers are talking about Glen Coffee getting back into football, albeit as a linebacker and kick returner. I have absolutely no hard feelings for the guy, and I really enjoyed the beginning of this piece talking about how professional football simply is not for everyone. (

There was some pertinent bit of lockout-related news yesterday, but it's not necessarily of the "good" variety. The lockout is still on and another stay of sorts has been granted until a full hearing on June 3rd. (

Deion Sanders is talking about how the 49ers signed him to bring "swagger and attitude" into the organization, and this writer knows that he simply did not do that. To be sure, Prime is one of the best in that regard, and he had an abundance of that in 1994, but the piece is accurate in that the team already had it. I have a love/hate relationship with this guy when he's on screen, and this is one of those moments where he simply is far, far off-base. (

When you're drafting in the later rounds, you have to look for players who just look solid in areas that will lead you to believe that you can coach him up. Curtis Holmcomb is a natural born leader, and for that, I like his chances to make the roster. Then again, I also don't consider Tramaine Brock in the discussion. (

Trent Baalke says both Ronald Johnson and Bruce Miller are "wired" the right way, which I suppose is a good way to put it. I have decent hopes for Johnson, but I feel especially good about the Miller pick when it all comes down to it. (

The 49ers are planning for multiple scenarios when it comes to the lockout. They probably have six or seven different course plans regarding the installation of their playbooks. (

Here's a look at another one of our draft picks, Colin Jones. I don't know a ton about this guy, admittedly. (

Baalke's Film Review: Colin Kaepernick (

49ers Bowl for At Risk Youth(

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