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Golden Nuggets: Oh Man ... A Thomas Clayton Mention!

As a bonus, the Niners Nation NFL Tournament of Badness will actually begin today with an elimination round that will run through the weekend to determine the final entrants on the bracket. It's a 64-entry bracket, and we received more nominations than that, and most of them were worth including, so today at 2:00 p.m., be sure to be on here to vote for the choices you think should make the final bracket. Voting will last twenty-four hours in these elimination matches, and also in the tournament as well. Again, I'd like to note that the lockout, Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith are not in the final bracket, but there could be a bonus match at the end. That being said, I believe we have a few 49ers-pertinent links for you today, so let's get to them.

The 49ers have yet to discuss restructuring Nate Clements' contract ... to him, at least. I suppose that's to be expected, when they had a small window of being able to talk to the players, they certainly were not going to bring Nate in for a talk like that, they were more concerned with xeroxing playbooks and getting them out to players. (

It's pretty much confirmed at this point: Alex Smith will return to the 49ers in 2011, and I'm alright with that. I really like the he's leading practices (with playbook in hand) with other 49ers players. (

Jim Harbaugh delivered flowers to Alex Smith's wife, and had to get permission to the league to do so. I think that's going a little overboard, personally. (

We've got a Thomas Clayton sighting in this review of the 2007 draft. I have to say, I still love Clayton and wish he got more of an opportunity here. Seeing his name has made my night instantly better. /mancrush (

Brian Billick says that Alex Smith has what it takes. Before Billick became a commentary guy, I was a fan of his, but after I heard him during a game I just ... I'm not so hot on hearing what he has to say, to put it nicely. (

Bruce Miller is a player I really like, and I feel like he'll make the transition to fullback very well. Here's a bit on him from Sam Lam. (

Baalke's Film Review: Ronald Johnson (

Baalke's Film Review: Daniel Kilgore (

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