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Golden Nuggets: Still Feeling Moderately Good About The 2011 NFL Draft

Good morning folks, Ninjames here. A couple days later, how are you all feeling about the 49ers 2011 NFL Draft haul? I went ahead and posted my draft grades over at SB Nation Bay Area, so check that out and let me know what you think on that note. I also have decided that I feel like the Kansas City Chiefs had the strongest draft in the NFL, based on their needs and value in general, the only caveat being that picking guys with character issues could seriously blow up in their face if not managed carefully. That being said, I'm doing the Nuggets extremely early, so I will likely leave out plenty of links, unless Fooch goes in to add some after I schedule this post, but you're getting nothing posted after 8:00 p.m. last night. We're also back to our normal time of 3:00 a.m., unless you folks would significantly appreciate a new 2:00 a.m. start time. Anyway, enjoy.

So it's inevitable at this point that Alex Smith is back as a 49er next season. I know that's what you've been hearing about a lot, but it really is crazy when we think about where we were all at directly following week seventeen of last season. (

It's possible that some of the guys drafted by the 49ers can end up being great players, in fact it's probably likely for a couple of them, but the draft grade will ultimately depend on one person: quarterback Colin Kaepernick. (

This is a fantastic article from The Turlock Journal, a piece about Colin Kaepernick that Fooch touched up on yesterday. By the way, I love Turlock. Haters gonna hate. (

Hah ... look at all of these people that Alex Smith, of all people, outlasted in San Francisco. (

A lot of the 49ers draftees will need to learn new positions in the NFL. It's a sort of misleading article, in that most outside linebackers transition from defensive ends, and a quarterback's college offense is something that will almost always have to be changed. (

As opposed to general talking themselves up, it really seems like the 49ers love the way their draft turned out. I like it thus far, maybe soon I'll love it too. (

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