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2011 NFL Undrafted Rookie Free Agents: Which QB Is Jim Harbaugh Targeting?

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The San Francisco 49ers selected quarterback Colin Kaepernick in the second round of 2011 NFL Draft, but that may not be the last quarterback they add from this year's rookie class. On Saturday, 49ers head coach JIm Harbaugh expressed interest in signing a particular undrafted free agent quarterback. Here is a quick rundown of the quarterbacks that went undrafted this past weekend.

Ryan Colburn, Fresno State
Pat Devlin, Delaware
Adam Froman, Louisville
Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M
Joshua Nesbitt, Georgia Tech
Joshua Portis, California (PA)
Scott Tolzien, Wisconsin
Jeff Van Camp, Florida Atlantic

It remains to be seen who that quarterback will be, but Eric Branch believes there is a decent chance it could be Louisville QB Adam Froman. Apparently Froman received a phone call from the 49ers during the draft indicating they were potentially interested in selecting him. The team cannot sign undrafted free agents right now, so Froman believes maybe they were just making initial contact for when the lockout does eventually end. He also indicated he received calls from the Dolphins and Falcons.

Branch indicated one other connection between Froman and Harbaugh:

At Louisville, Froman played for offensive coordinator Mike Sanford, who was the Chargers wide receivers coach when Harbaugh played in San Diego in 1999-2000. Sanford has said Froman "is right up the alley as far as what Jim is looking for in a quarterback."

It remains to be seen who will sign with what team when the labor situation settles down. The 49ers actually were able to work out Jeff Van Camp a bit during a private workout with Patrick Peterson a couple days before the draft. I'd imagine they've at least got scouting reports on most of these other guys as well.

For now, of the quarterbacks listed above, is there any one in particular you'd most like to see on the 49ers? Saturday and Sunday we had a lot of discussion about Pat Devlin. Is Devlin the guy people want or do any of these other guys jump out at you?