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2011 UFL Draft Results: One More Little Tweak To The NFL Lockout

As we await the 8th Circuit's decision on whether to grant an extended stay pending the NFL's appeal of Judge Nelson's decision, one group is taking full advantage of the situation. The United Football League followed up the 2011 NFL Draft by conducting their entire draft via Twitter. The first round was announced by UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue (@UFLCommissioner) and the ensuing nine rounds were announced by the five league coaches:

Hartford Colonials Jerry Glanville @JerryGlanville
Omaha Nighthawks Joe Moglia @UFLJoeMoglia
Sacramento Mountain Lions Dennis Green @UFLDennisGreen
Virginia Destroyers Marty Schottenheimer @DestroyersMarty
Las Vegas Locos Jim Fassel @LocosJimFassel

Over the last two days we've discussed undrafted rookie free agents in a variety of contexts. We discussed them in a very general sense and then earlier today we opened up the quarterback discussion given the 49ers apparent interest in one of them.

Today's UFL Draft results included five quarterbacks: Jerrod Johnson (Texas A&M), Ryan Colburn (Fresno State), Mike Teel (Rutgers), Jeremiah Masoli (Mississippi), and Derek Devine (Marshall). I'm curious to know why these five were drafted over some of the other players. Maybe the league had been in contact with some of the UDFAs and knew they were not looking to sign with a UFL team?

I'm also wondering how frequently (if at all) NFL teams will be sending scouts to UFL games starting in August. If the lockout hasn't ended and UDFAs have not been signed, I think it increases the scouting presence. However, even if the lockout ends tomorrow, I'd imagine NFL scouts will be keeping an eye on UFL talent.