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Golden Nuggets: Spotty Internet Will Be The Death Of Me

Unfortunately, I've got spotty internet at my current location, so I'm just going to get through the links while I still have a window of opportunity to do so. Anyway, I know it's all I talk about now, but do not forget to vote in the elimination rounds for the NN NFL Tournament of Badness, the last three spots are up for voting today and we'll have the full bracket on Monday. No, manraj7, you cannot see the bracket or the seeding until then - they won't be done until tomorrow anyway! So stop asking, thanks! Anyway, let's get to the few links we've got today folks, post any up in the comments if I've missed them. Enjoy.

Stanford playbook gets facelift for 49ers (

Vernon Davis waiting in the pumpkin patch (

Twitter Q&A: Enter Aldon Smith, Exit Manny Lawson? (

Getting to know your 49ers draft picks: Curtis Holcomb (

How the lockout has impacted 10 quarterback situations around NFL (

Baalke's Film Review: Curtis Holcomb (

Baalke's FIlm Review: Michael Person (

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