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Colin Kaepernick Not Expecting Huge Changes From Nevada Pistol Offense To Jim Harbaugh West Coast Offense

First off, tip of the cap to Matt Barrows and for posting this link (Kaepernick also tweeted it). 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick took a few minutes out of his day to go on the Petros and Money Show, which is syndicated all over the place. I'm not a big fan of sports talk radio, but once in a while you can get some interesting comments from an individual when they appear on a radio show.

Case in point, Colin Kaepernick. As Matt Barrows posted in the link above, Kaepernick spoke about the transition from the pistol offense to the West Coast offense. I've embedded an audio player after the jump with the eight minute conversation, but I wanted to pull out some pertinent information about the offensive transition.

Kaepernick indicated he has received a copy of the 49ers new playbook and has begun reading over it. The most notable comment by Kaepernick was the fact that a lot of the route combinations were similar but used different names. Additionally, while Nevada would run a play from the drop back while the West Coast offense uses a play action.

This doesn't mean he'll be able to just step between the lines in a few months and take care of business. However, I'd say this is a nice, positive step in the right direction for Kaepernick. If the learning curve is reduced even a little bit, it can only help the young quarterback develop with the 49ers.