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Golden Nuggets: Almost Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Morning folks. The 2011 French Open is about to get underway, and with the Sharks on tomorrow, I feel like I'm in for an entirely hedonistic day ... if I didn't have so much stuff to do. So rather than get to sleep early so I can enjoy a plethora of high-level sports, I have to head to bed early so I can wake up and get a lot of stuff done, so for one more day (whilst on my present trip away from home), you guys will be getting a brief set of links with nothing more than just that: the links. Expect your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, chillldren! (Also, haha if you're an A's fan. Go Giants.)

Kaerpenick studying playbook, teammatess aiding (

Plutonium-grade baby deer skin and Jim Harbaugh (

49er Vernon Davis shows kids his artwork (

Reflections on Harbaugh's coaching roots (

Ex-49er Coffee: NFL 'ruins lives,' but I'd return if Lord says so (

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