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Lions Turn Down HBO Hard Knocks: Should 49ers Be Considered?

A couple months ago we had a post about how the 49ers were under consideration for the 2011 edition of HBO's Hard Knocks. The series was considering the 49ers, Seahawks, Cowboys, Dolphins, Bucs, and Broncos. Since then the Bucs and Broncos have both declined. Now apparently the Lions were added to the short list but have also declined (h/t to Arrowhead Pride for the news). Recently the Atlanta Falcons indicated some level of interest in potentially appearing on the show. This after they turned it down two years ago.

I have to wonder if the 49ers would potentially end up back in the running given the numerous storylines they bring to the table. They've got the hot new coach. They've got the potential return of QB Alex Smith, which brings all sorts of drama following last year's fan reaction. Vernon Davis is a big personality. Michael Crabtree could potentially fit the quiet, mercurial wide receiver character. And of course, overall you've got the former glory franchise trying to rise back up.

I'd say there are plenty of storylines there. Of course, if the Yorks don't want to do it, then that would be that. There hasn't been any word on the 49ers potential inclusion since that March post so I'm not holding my breath. Throw in the fact that training camp remains only a dream at this point with the lockout still in place, and Hard Knocks simply might not happen in 2011.