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Golden Nuggets: Do Your Worst

Good morning folks. Yesterday, the NN NFL Tournament of Badness officially went underway, with the day one matchup of "Dallas Cowboys Being 'America's Team'," versus "The New York 'FOOTBALL' Giants." Be sure to head over to the link and cast your vote if you have not. Voting ends at 2:00 p.m. pacific today, and there's no exceptions to that rule. In other news, I am starting the Golden Nuggets obscenely early because I went without sleep, so I need to crash early and as such, I may miss a few links that go up at 10:00 p.m. or later. As always, I encourage all of you to post any that I miss and let me know how foolish it was of me to miss it, as is customary. Let's get to your few links for the day, enjoy chillllldren.

With the rookie symposium canceled, it's up to the veterans to show the rookies the ropes. I sincerely hope they can do it effectively, I imagine a lot of the stuff you learn at the symposium is valuable ... I'd feel pretty screwed if I didn't get to attend, coming into the NFL. (

As it stands, there have been no team-wide practices for the 49ers players, but that might change in the future. Right now, it's just a few people working out and occasionally going over plays. I hope theydo get to do a bigger one soon. (

Here's a good look at some Dom Capers ties with the current crop of 49ers coaches. I have a lot of faith in these guys, I especially like Greg Roman. (

Here's Maiocco's latest mailbag post, generally a good read. I believe Aldon Smith's rookie impact will be significant. (

I do not at all see how 49ers players working out together can be a bad thing. I submit that working on something is better than working on nothing. (

Can the 49ers run the 'read option' with Colin Kaepernick? (

Finding a role for Colin Kaepernick in the new 49ers offense ... shouldn't be too hard, honestly. (

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