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2011 NFL Lockout: How Much Missed Time Are We Talking?

At some point in late June or early July we'll get a ruling from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on the NFL's current appeal of Judge Nelson's ruling concerning the legality of the NFL Lockout. At that point, there is the possibility of some different appeals, most notably a potential en banc appeal. The court's decision to temporarily reinstate the lockout pending their full decision is viewed as a sign they'll side with the owners eventually. At this point it's such an unpredictable process that anything is possible.

As we continue moving through the offseason, I thought I'd throw up a morning poll every so often to gauge people's thoughts on where this whole process is heading. More specifically, will this carry over into the 2011 regular season, and if so for how long? I figure this kind of poll could be valuable when the government is assessing how much crime will increase in the fall. This kind of polling data could really help the government sufficiently prepare their resources for combatting the mass looting that is going to happen.

I realize this isn't the most scientific of polls, but I figure it's a simple enough option. If any of the poll options are confusing, let me know in the comments.