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Golden Nuggets: Why, Buster Posey, Why? Oh And, Some 49ers Links

Alright, the Niners Nation NFL Tournament of Badness is officially movin'. We've got a fun matchup at 2:00 p.m. today, but if you have yet to vote in yesterday's poll, be sure to head on over and do so. Also be sure to read the description before you vote, and do so from now on. It's a fun tournament so I'm trying to be creative, if you take everything literally, you're bound to screw up. That being said, I'm running late after a few solid hours of manly tears following Buster Posey's ankle injury, so today is going to be another day of quick links. Enjoy, folks.

Keeping Score: How the 49ers stack up in player-led workouts (

49ers on 'Hard Knocks'? Hardly a chance (

Michael Crabtree putting himself in position to finally break out with the 49ers (

Like Harbaugh, Ryan Lives Football (

Former TE credits Roman's flexibility for resurrection (

Coaches claim new NFL staffs like 49ers 'at risk' (

Relentless? 'Beast' label more appropriate (

Candlestick Park Hosts Cal-Fresno State (

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