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Caption This: Squirrels in the Infield

It's a dark, dark time in sports right now. Let's go down the list:

  • The Sharks broke your heart again.
  • The 49ers may be going into year SEVEN of the Alex Smith experiment. SEVEN. You have family members who were not alive the last time Alex Smith was not employed by the 49ers.
  • The Rrrrrrrrrrrrrraiders are not very good. Okay, maybe a little. But not a lot.
  • Buster Posey is broken, among others.
  • The A's are broken. (Okay, six of them are, but there are some hard losses in that group.)
  • The Kings are probably going to be the Anaheim Sacramento Kings of the Greater Los Angeles City Unified School District of Columbia Presented by Gatorade within a couple of years.
  • The Warriors

And that's just the Bay Area (and Sacramento). Look a little further and the problems get even worse. Things are so bad that teams are taking desperate measures just to make due. Word is the Giants have thrown around Bengie Molina's name. Word is the 49ers have thrown around Alex Smith's name. Oh, wait, we covered that already....

But worst of all, worst of all is the Cubs. Stuck as close to the bottom of a division that includes the Houston Astros as you can be, the Cubs have taken a page right out of the Eddie Gaedel playbook. Not by employing somebody who can ride on fewer roller coasters than Mike Fontenot. No, they've gone the extreme route of employing a squirrel. Amazingly enough, he can hit a little - you can see him legging out a broken bat single in the photo just above this.


As you can see, the football boycott is still on here at Caption This. We hope to bring you back to your regularly scheduled football hilarity just as soon as the players and owners get their heads out of each other's.... No, no, it would be in bad taste to make that joke. What with the great window treatment scandal of aught-nine still looming over our collective heads.

So take a minute and think of a few of the most hilarious captions you can for the photo above. Squirrels add 5% more humor to just about everything, so this one should be a walk in the park. When you have your captions, put them in the comments section for the review of your peers. The most highly rec'd comment will get a shoutout in next week's thread! Isn't that amazing!

Remember to rec' the captions that make you laugh. And have fun. Last week's winner was LondonNiner, reclaiming the crown that was once rightfully his.