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Golden Nuggets: Oh, That's What He Meant ...

Morning everyone, before reading, be sure to head on over to the day three matchup in the NN NFL Tournament of Badness and vote for those horrible Seattle Seahawks lime green alternates whichever option you find to be worse. The poll ends at 2:00 p.m. today and we've got another matchup coming up, one that I think will be pretty close. Anyway, we've got a few links to work with today, though not as much as previous days, and go figure: I can actually do a little bit of talkin' during this one. Aren't you all excited? I know you are, so let's dive right into it so I can get to bed, I'd like to make it at a respectable hour for once. Enjoy the links, chiillllldren!

Jim Harbaugh might see himself in Alex Smith? Well I guess that explains all the nice words, text messages, phone calls and flowers ... oh ... he means like a player. Oh I get it. (

Sando has some thoughts on the piece above, and he's echoing what we've been saying all along: there's no harm in signing Alex Smith for another year. (

I love the work that Ronald Johnson is putting in, not that he's the only one or anything, I'm just impressed. He didn't have the money to fly back and forth, so Alex Smith helped him out, and he stayed with Taylor Mays. SLEEPOVER!!! I'm jelly. (

It makes an awful lot of sense for the coaches to officially support the players as far as the lockout is concerned. How will it affect the way things are proceeding right now? It's really up for debate, but Sam Lam has some thoughts on what it does for the 49ers. (

Too much is being made of the low number of 49ers players attending workouts - the number as it stands is definitely respectable. I'm glad they're taking part, regardless. (

A Coach's Coach (

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