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The Ultimate Debate: In 'N Out vs. Five Guys

Fooch's Note: I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with football, or even sports, and is probably better suited for our random topics thread. However, it's a fairly sizable topic and given that it's a Friday evening heading into a holiday weekend, I figured what the heck.

Earlier this week I flew to Washington, DC for Memorial Day weekend. I went to college in DC and high school in Virginia and still have a lot of friends I like to come visit. One of the highlights of visiting DC (I try and get back once a year if possible) is enjoying a hamburger and french fries at Five Guys. It's a DC/Northern Virginia-based chain that is quickly expanding across the country. They don't have one in San Francisco or Oakland yet, so I still only get to enjoy their burgers fairly infrequently.

Out west, In 'N Out is the be-all, end-all for most people when it comes to burgers. You hear some Sonic and White Castle fans (and Smashburger is solid too), but in 'N Out has an almost cult-like following.

I enjoy In 'N Out, but I've always preferred Five Guys. I think the burgers are better and I think the fries are much better. In fact I have a fairly negative opinion of In 'N Out french fries.

I bring all this up because earlier this evening I posted a status update on Facebook proclaiming Five Guys' superiority. As a California resident I have a decent amount of California friends (friends? shocking!) and naturally my status update drew some of them out. The opinions were rather divided and I don't think anybody will ever be able to fully convince the other side that your choice is superior.

Given the reactions at Facebook, I thought it would be a fun, if contentious topic to take us into the Memorial Day weekend. Let's try and keep it civil as I know burger debates can inflame the masses!