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Golden Nuggets: Icing The Kicker Is Totally Worse

Morning everyone. Having a very frustrating night/day, so just quick links today with no commentary or anything like that. As always, head to yesterday's poll in the Niners Nation NFL Tournament of Badness and be sure to vote. The original plan was to have four posts and then a small recap, but we've decided to just press on and continue doing one post a day through the opening round. As it stands, "Icing The Kicker" is losing, which is actually rather surprising to me. I think it's a lot worse than the referee rule but then again, what do I know? Let's get to the links so I can get to bed. Enjoy.

New kid: Kaepernick joins 49ers teammates for workouts (

Gore's agent says RB is 'fully recovered'. (

Smith proving 49ers' offseason leader (

Twitter Q&A: The Crabtree conundrum (

Weight & see: Could Aldon's size hinder move to OLB? (

The Michael Crabtree enigma (

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