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Buggles to Release New Song: "Lockout Killed the NFL Fan"

I'm sure some of you have noticed that I've been noticeably absent from Niners Nation lately, as well as Twitter (where I'm normally a whore of whores).  OK, maybe you haven't noticed...but I have been.

You see, it's this whole lockout business...I consider myself a really die-hard fan.  I pay attention to ALL the off-season stuff, check-in daily, read all the beat-writers' work regulary, etc.  I read far too much into OTA's and mini-camps, start projecting the roster for next season before this season's ended, I do mock drafts galore...I can't get enough football.

But that's during a normal off-season where there are at least some scraps floating around that pose as news.  These days, post-draft and getting to know the new members of the team (who can't enter the building or talk to coaches)...well that's all worn off and we've been starved of the usual tidbits that come from OTA's and mini-camps.

I guess you can say I just ran out of insignificant things to pay attention to.

I got to thinking the other day how the Buggles song "Video Killed the Radio Star" should be re-released but titled and sung "Lockout Killed the NFL Fan".  Since this post in itself represents just what it's come to for this fan...I've posted the video after the jump.

Feel free to use this thread as an open venting session about the lockout...after all, Fooch is out of town, so I'm abusing NN...