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NFL Head Coaches Affected By The Lockout: Missing Jim Harbaugh?

John Clayton released a list of ten NFL coaches (head and assistant) who will face tough odds this coming season because of the lockout. Anybody familiar missing from this list?

1. Juan Castillo, Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator
2. Jack Del Rio, Jacksonville Jaguars head coach
3. Mike Martz, Chicago Bears offensive coordinator
4. Todd Haley, Kansas City Chiefs head coach
5. Mike McCoy, Denver Broncos offensive coordinator
6. Tony Sparano, Miami Dolphins head coach
7. Chris Palmer, Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator
8. Hue Jackson, Oakland Raiders head coach
9. Tom Cable, Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach
10. Gary Kubiak, Houston Texans head coach

Mike Sando asked John Clayton why he didn't include 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh and Clayton supposedly said "[h]e was looking beyond the obvious head coaching changes for situations that might not have gotten as much consideration this offseason." Given some of the obvious names on this list (like Gary Kubiak) it makes me think Clayton somehow just forgot and was trying to spin it a little bit.

I suppose every team's fanbase would be a bit subjective in how they view the difficulties facing their particular team. I think Harbaugh faces some of the toughest odds, and it's possible Clayton does too and he figured it was so obvious that it's just not worth including him at the top of the list. After all, the 49ers are installing a new offense with question marks at quarterback. They're not making nearly as many changes on defense, but there will still be an adjustment period.

As a sports fan I want to see my favorite teams winning and not rebuilding. I don't see the 49ers in a rebuilding mode in the traditional sense, but I also think there is a sort of rehabilitation mode. They've got changes to make and it will take some time, particularly in light of the NFL Lockout. I recall seeing an article somewhere about how the 49ers draft shows they're looking more towards 2012 than 2011. While the team will want to win from day one, maybe Baalke and Harbaugh have seen the difficulties this lockout will create with developing a cohesive unit in 2011 and are planning accordingly?