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NN NFL Tournament of Badness Opening Round: Prevent Defense, Wildcat Formation

The tournament is rolling, and it looks like yesterday featured our quickest match yet, as Twitter Beefs took on the Madden Curse. I wrote out a long explanation of Twitter Beefs, but I personally ended up voting for the Madden Curse. See how I work? I hope so, because I certainly don't. There isn't a method to my madness, there never has been and there never will be. We've got a fantastic matchup today, as the Prevent Defense is taking on the Wildcat Formation, should be a good one!

So we can get to the voting, but first: remember, we are voting on what we believe to be the absolute worst thing of the two. If you're voting in a worst food contest, and you like pizza more than hamburgers, you would then vote for hamburgers in that matchup. Get it? Got it? Good.

(3) Prevent Defense

The Prevent Defense ... I really don't think I need to go into detail about it. We all know what the defense is, we know why it might be useful and we know why it definitely sucks. It's annoying, especially when teams lapse into the defense early, far too early ... the most annoying part about a prevent defense is that teams stick with it no matter what happens. They do not adapt if they begin hemorrhaging far, far too many yards. Prevent defense just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

(14) Wildcat Formation

OK, let's make something absolutely clear right now: the "Wildcat" formation is not new, it was not created in the last five years. That being said, I think there is a clearly definable point in which the formation, as it is now, broke out in to the public's eye. There's all manner of halfback direct snap plays, but it was only when the Miami Dolphins started doing it with regularity, we started hearing a bunch of media coverage and people asking "When will X Team unveil their wildcat?" and "Do you plan to use the wildcat formation?" and the doozie "How will you handle the wildcat formation?" Take note people: the formation is not groundbreaking, and it doesn't exist as a mainstay anymore because it's easy to defend. So at this point, it's honestly just annoying.

After the jump, links to the previous matchups and the bracket. NOTE: This poll will run until 2:05 p.m. tomorrow.

Day 1: "America's Team" def. "New York FOOTBALL Giants" - 428-40
Day 2: Rookie Holdouts def. Week 16, 17 Byes - 266-65
Day 3: Seahawks Alternates def. Buccaneers Loser Uniforms - 328-118
Day 4: Icing The Kicker def. New Referee Rule Limiting No Huddle - 180-116
Day 5: Twitter Beefs def Madden Curse - 125-108

NN NFL Tournament of Badness Bracket and Results