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Niners Nation After Dark: Moving On......

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

Welcome to Niners Nation After Dark, where we may have discovered a whole new way to party 24/7 at Niners Nation. Big thanks to mcwagner for getting the Official Community Thread going. A couple weeks back there was a request in one of a million draft threads for a random off topic place to have completely random discussions. Things can get pretty intense when we talk about football and the draft and everything else, and it's nice to have a place to blow off some steam.

We've got NN After Dark on occasion, but this official community thread will be a great way for people to just go completely off the reservation with their discussions. As you might see, it has a date stamp in the title, similar to how the official draft threads worked. The idea will be to have a single thread going for random discussions. Obviously that won't stop random comments from appearing elsewhere, but this also gives people a focused area for this kind of chatter. When it gets filled up with comments we'll open up a new thread much like the draft threads. Site decorum rules are in effect there, but otherwise, have it.

I'd consider this primarily an administrative thread, but why not throw out a little something extra. This past weekend, when the 2011 NFL Draft wrapped up, I actually had plans for that Saturday evening. I went and saw Charlie Sheen live at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco. Two months ago this seemed like a great idea. As it got closer, I grew less and less excited. Over at SB Nation Bay Area I did a brief write-up on the train wreck that it was, along with a single pretty cool moment (Giants-related, thus the Bay Area connection).