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Golden Nuggets: The Bright Side Of The 49ers' 2011 NFL Draft

I've begun to come around to the Chris Culliver pick, though I still question the position. I had already watched a lot of film on him and made my assessment, and like I said before: nothing can really make me like the pick except for actually watching him perform in a 49ers uniform, but there are things that are making me ... dislike the pick a bit less, if that makes any sense. Maybe it's because I've been spending so much time evaluating the Oakland Raiders and their draft ... it's not that they had a bad one, it's just that they reached really, really far to draft a sixth round cornerback in Demarcus Van Dyke simply because he ran a 4.28 ... at least we didn't do that, right? No, we grabbed our 'measurable' guy in the seventh round. Let's get to your linkage, chilllllldren.

Trent Dilfer says that Colin Kaepernick has the highest ceiling of any quarterback in the draft. I haven't paid attention to any of Dilfer's musings as an analyst, so I'm not sure if he's generally credible or not, but I said as much before the draft as well. (

It was almost unanimous after 2010's week seventeen game against the Arizona Cardinals: the Alex Smith era in San Francisco should end. Now, with Jim Harbaugh in the mix, he's made people much more receptive to Smith returning. Funny how that works. (

Kaepernick has been exchanging text messages with Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, and has been since before the draft. I imagine there will be a lot more of them in the coming weeks, I'm sure. (

The 49ers had contact with quarterback Adam Froman, I imagine they did so to talk to him about potentially signing him as an undrafted free agent as soon as they're able to, which I speculated would happen prior to the draft. (

Kawakami has some thoughts on the draft, and I'm inclined to disagree with him on a lot of points. Specifically that he thinks there's no day one (or even year one) starters in this draft class. (

On that note, here's a look at some players who could start from day one. Personally, I feel like Culliver will start immediately ... seems like that's what young corners have been doing lately, and I think he can. (

49ers offense - it's time to innovate (

Meet the Rookies: 2011 Edition (

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