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Golden Nuggets: Coming To You Live From The East Coast

Due to some busy-ness in his schedule, James is not available to bring you the Nuggets. Instead you get Fooch live from the East Coast. I'm in Washington, DC for Memorial Day weekend, heading back to San Francisco on Wednesday. I'll be flying back on Virgin America, which thankfully provides an opportunity for internet access on the flight. It's $10 for internet but I can live with that.

It's a pretty low key day for links today, as is the case for most days at this point. Football really is just trying to kill us at this point, isn't it?

More on the 49ers rookies doing what they have to do during the lockout. We'll see how it plays out as we head into the 2011 NFL season.

bit more of a breakdown on Aldon Smith in the San Francisco Chronicle.

A whole assortment of questions left to be answered a year later.

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