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49ers Draft Pick Bruce Miller: A Two-Way Player?

We continue our run through the seventh round of the 49ers 2011 NFL Draft picks as we check out Trent Baalke's comments to the beat writers about each player's film. Baalke has gone through the film for each player and provided a basic idea why the 49ers selected each player and how they might fit into the 53-man roster. Last week we discussed Colin Jones, Ronald Johnson, Daniel Kilgore, Kendall Hunter, and Curtis Holcomb.

Today we move on to seventh round pick Bruce Miller, a defensive lineman out of Central Florida. You can check out Trent Baalke's comments at the video page. When the 49ers selected Miller, a lot of people said huh? as he was listed as a defensive lineman but the 49ers introduced him as a fullback. If you google for scouting reports and comments about the pick, most resources were posting about his abilities to transition to outside linebacker.

In discussing the pick, Baalke actually seemed to infer that Miller would potentially be a two-way player. The team worked him out at fullback and told him he would be coming in to compete at fullback. In the film discussion, Baalke also said he could possibly play some OLB if needed, particularly if there were any injuries. And of course we'll see him on special teams as is the case with many late round picks.

Baalke once again referenced the fact that he felt Miller was "wired right." He did specify that the team did not sacrifice talent for this wired characteristic, but rather looked for a combination of the two of them. In discussing how players are wired, it seems to encompass everything from football savvy to work ethic. He feels Miller has the football smarts to transition over to fullback and make an impact.

In looking through the draft picks, does this potential to be a multi-faceted player increase Miller's chances of making the 53-man roster? Or could it lead to knowledge of multiple positions, mastery of none?