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2011 49ers: Possible Josh Johnson Trade Idea

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Yesterday someone tweeted Matt Maiocco about the 49ers trading for Josh Johnson, a popular idea pre-draft and possibly somewhat less popular now that it seems Alex Smith will return and pair with Colin Kaepernick for 2011. 

Maiocco responded that Tampa Bay might not be too keen on trading Johnson, leaving them with only Rudy Carpenter as backup QB.  I decided to enter the conversation and suggested the following: Why not trade David Carr and a mid-round pick to the Buccaneers for Johnson?

Maiocco responded that he liked that idea and added it to the comments of his mailbag blog post

Seems like a feasible idea to me.  Tampa get's a backup QB who's smart and has experience at least, plus a 5th round pick or so, to unload a QB who they replaced with Josh Freeman and on who they seemingly aren't too keen.  We get to unload Carr, someone we know isn't part of the future of the position, and get a guy who could be part of the future if Alex Smith doesn't pan out (again) least while Colin Kaepernick develops.

Johnson knows Harbaugh and is likely familiar with some of the terminology and play concepts the 49ers will employ in 2011.  It would help to install the offense and give both Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick someone to ask questions to as they learn the system.  Johnson also entered the NFL with a similar skillset to Kaepernick, and could potentially offer him help in transitioning into more of a pocket passer, making good judgements on when to use his legs and when to stand tall.

Whether you're an Alex Smith believer or not, I still think it would be valuable to have a better backup option than Carr at this point and rushing Kaepernick on to the field in haste probably wont do the youngster any favors in his development.  At any rate, it's an interesting idea.