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2011 NFL Draft: Call For Positional Coach Questions

Sorry for the last minute nature of this, but this all sort of came together fairly quickly. I've been working to get in touch with the positional coaches for the 49ers various 2011 NFL Draft picks. I've had a good deal of success thus far and will be conducting some phone interviews tomorrow (Wednesday) and in the next couple days. Although the interviews will be happening early tomorrow morning, I wanted to give folks a chance to post some questions they'd like answered. I don't know how long these interviews will last so I'll do my best to get your questions answered.

Tomorrow morning I'll start by speaking with Robert Gillespie. He is currently the running backs coach at West Virginia, but through 2010 he was the running backs coach for fourth round pick Kendall Hunter at Oklahoma State. He will be competing with Anthony Dixon for playing time behind Frank Gore. Some folks think his size limits him to being no more than a third down type of complementary back, while others think he could be a long term starting answer. Whatever you think, feel free to fire away with questions.

After that I'll be speaking with Montana State offensive line coach Jason McEndoo. He coached seventh round pick OL Michael Person. At Montana State Person played offensive tackle, but it sounds like the team will be working him into the guard/center rotation in training camp. Seventh round picks have a tough road to make the roster, but 49ers fans saw Eric Heitmann work his way into the starting lineup, so it's not an impossible task.

Those interviews appear definitely set. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to try and get in touch with Appalachian State OL coach Bob McClain (for G/C Daniel Kilgore) and Missouri defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski (for Aldon Smith). Feel free to post some questions for them as well if you get a moment.

For all of these coaches I've got some questions already in mind so we might have some duplicates. However, even if you think it's an obvious question, post it anyway. When you go to post a question, read the rest of the questions so you don't post a duplicate of one already included.