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2012 NFL Mock Draft: The Biggest Waste Of Time Ever?

Mock Draft Wrong Bunch
Mock Draft Wrong Bunch

Even as we made our way through the draft season leading up to the 2011 NFL Draft, mock drafts were evaluated, but for the most part were viewed as educated guesses at best, and shots in the dark at worst. In looking back through our NIners Nation Mock Draft Database, one site projected Aldon Smith at the seventh pick, but even they had changed their mind by draft day.

Well, the 2011 NFL Draft is officially in the rear-view mirror, which means it apparently is time to start posting 2012 mock drafts. Since I won't really be addressing mock drafts again until October or November at the very earliest (maybe even later), I thought I'd take post some 2012 NFL mock drafts for your amusement and mockery.

SB Nation's 2012 NFL Mock Draft might be the funniest, or maybe even the most sobering. They have the 49ers at number one selecting Andrew Luck. Given what I've seen in the comments I know some of you would love to see this scenario. Personally, I'll take a playoff berth.

Todd McShay rolled out his first 2012 mock draft that has the 49ers picking 11th and selecting Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick. This goes to show the value of these mocks because as will be the case for a little while now, I know absolutely nothing about Dre Kirkpatrick. He is one of many college players I know nothing about and will spend the next eleven months figuring out.